It is awful quiet over here.
We are preparing for a special occasion and we are going to Aruba next week. No time for serious knitting, felting or any crafting.
I got this old ufo in my hands. A hat. Nothing fancy.
Where have the boxes gone with the summerclothing, slippers and lotions we need for our trip. I am still searching
And I am still sorting out some stash that has to leave the house when we return from our vacation.
Kinda boring but I'll be back

4 opmerkingen:

Neneh zei

that's something....

Berthi zei

Ik wens je een hele fijne , speciale?, vakantie in Aruba!

Woolly Wormhead zei

Ys, please do come back soon...

Mijk zei

Boring? Aruba? Wow I guess I live a really boring life ;-)