I am still recovering from the market last Saturday. I was so cold.., I went to bed with my clothes on and kept on shivering. And now I have a terrible cold, no voice, a nice caugh/cough and a headache.
To be honest: It was no succes. It was cold, snowing, blowing...the people weren't looking, they were running. By the way...what people? Ohh those 5... :(

Nee, de markt was niet echt een succes en dat terwijl het eerder in de week toch zacht weer was. Teleurstellend, maar we proberen het een volgende keer weer.

2 opmerkingen:

Berthi zei

Jammer, jammer!! Het was ook zo'n vreselijk 'pet' weer. De volgende keer beter.

Woolly Wormhead zei

Oh no... so not only did you not sell much, but you beaten by the weather too? Not a good day. Hope you've perked up since xx