..and delaying any useful knitting.
My daughter is exited about all kinds of puppets. So I made her this one.
It was fun making it under her supervision. She said: mama kom, wol maken! (come mummy, make wool!)
Today we had a big laugh. She saw a picture of 'Sinterklaas' and she said: heeee that is Kabouter Plop!
It's only the hat that differs!

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Woolly Wormhead zei

I love him! He's so free and creative.

Thank you for your comment about creativity getting stuck sometimes... I'm sure to some extent, it's part of the process. Maybe our brains do this, stall and frustrate us, to allow us to come out the other side with fresh thinking.

Tonight we have an open evening to promote the courses we run - I'm in charge of the Textiles AS course, so I'm going dressed up in one of my bulky black jumpers with ladders in it, and a hand sewn, hand dyed skirt that is purple with huge daisies batiked on it! Hopefully that should inspire some future students :)

Jo zei

OMG that is SO cute! I love it.