I needed a quick knit!
The mittens are progressing so slowly. Every third row picking up pieces of wool and changing the colors every other row...it is not an easy knit. I now have 2 mittens ready for decreasing at the fingers. They are completely different colored, but they do belong together. You'll see. Can't remember them? Look here.

In the meanwhile I knitted this scarf for my little girl. I used 50 gram/150m for it on 5,5 & 6 mm needles.

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Biba zei

Lovely scarf! I like the things you make, they're 'different'. Do you design them yourself?

zoetegoed zei

I usually get inspired, I don't consider it 'designing'. I see possibilities. This one was 'v' shaped, while knitting I thought about going to knit a 'w'shape. It happens like that.