..this is the washed and plucked -Coburger Fuchs- wool, ready to be carded.
I actually started carding this afternoon. While carding I decided to spin it as thick as the bobbin allows. I think that is the best way to show the colorvariations in the wool. And easy to knit ofcourse. This wool felts too!

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Saartje zei

Hi Zoetegoed,
there seems to be something wrong with your pictures, I can't see them. This is a pity because I'm really curious about your Coburger Fuchs wool!

zoetegoed zei

All my pictures?
I do see them.
Don't know where to look to check things. Any idea?

terri zei

Ooh, there is nothing like a bag of fresh wool. I've never heard of this breed - what is the story behind the wool?