Another one ready.
Again with 2 different twists on the singles. Great effect!

May be it looks like a spin a lot. I actually do spin a lot at the moment because I have my vacation and the weather isn't all that, but... I also have a lot of balls of white singles.

Usually I dye the wool before I spin. In this case and the blue (yesterday) I spun a single with dyed wool, I dyed a white single and plied the two together.
On to the next one, I am in a good mood!

2 opmerkingen:

Biba zei

Prachtig, al dat gesponnen garen. Wat een mooie kleuren! Ben benieuwd hoe het er straks als sjaal (of iets anders) uitziet.

stacey zei

Lovely Yarn! You are being more productive than me! I am swapping all the fibers for the swap tomorrow and they will go in the mail on Tuesday. Talk to you soon!