A while ago I got some wool from a Romanov-sheep. Someone who has a lot of those sheep asked for volunteers to test it.

I spun it on a spindle and on a wheel, washed and unwashed, pure and mixed, handcarded and not carded..to be sure to cover it all.
Romanov's wool felts really easy, even on the sheep. These sheep are for that reason, cut twice a year. So the wool is really short. And it has prominent black hairs. May be you can see that in the pics.
I found the uncarded wool too difficult to spin and what I spun was ugly.
The best way to handle the Romanov was to card it with some ordinairy washed wool.

At the top:
* mixed (50-50) with a white wool (I could have used gotland to make it all grey), carded , spun on the wheel with ease.
* single, carded, spun on the spindle. Spinning thin was difficult. My spindle is heavy and the fiber is short so it broke a lot.
* uncarded, spun on the wheel. Difficult! Short draft, a lot of twist and I made a lot of lumbs. When plying it, this single wanted to break all the time.
* Uncarded on the spindle. I cursed! I lost my patience after the spindle had fallen 10 times within 5 minutes.

I mixed the wool I had left over and spun this:

Veryveryvery soft

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Wow, jij kunt spinnen! Ziet er mooi uit, dat wil ik ook nog 'es leren.
Bedankt voor het allereerste berichtje op m'n blog!